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Decorative frame euFRAME can be chosen among many colours, to match the room decor. The frame is attached magnetically to the concealed box euFRAME, which must be purchased separately.

Frame thickness [mm]
Tablet thickness (type)
opak To the favourites
The quantity in the package 1 opak
Delivery time to 30 days
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Frames are made of high-quality mineral composites in many colours and patterns. The shape of the frame is precision milled to ensure an ergonomic fit to the tablet and to to coat its surface and the wall plane precisely. There are two frame thicknesses:a more noticeable 6mm frame and a subtle 4mm frame. Therefore, you should mark the desired frame thickness when purchasing. Frames from the "Essential" line are available in the following colours and designs: White, Ivory, Desert Sand, Stone and Bleached Black, so please indicate the selected colour from the following palette. The euFRAME frames are intended for use with Apple iPad®, iPad® Air 2, and iPad® Pro 9.7 "tablets. However, since these tablets differ in thickness, when you purchase a frame, please indicate your tablet model to make sure that the frame will match.

Frame dimensions: width 315.4 mm, height 192.4 mm, thickness 4 or 6 mm. The frame and the entire euFRAME kit can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

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PDF DocumenteuFRAME to iPad compatibility matrix

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